Advantages of System or modular building
  • Reduced Building Time
  • Greater Precision
  • Stronger Construction
  • Minimum Weather Exposure
  • Reduced Contractor Involvement
  • Less Worker Risk Exposure
  • Reduced Risk of Pilfering 

We offer a truly turn key solution. From design to permits, from transport, to on-site completion of your Modular Project, Construction Expediters is a choice worth consideration. Modular Homes are built to local building codes just like a any site built home.
We are one of a handful of Commercial Modular building companies in the entire country. We can design around your needs for:
  • Multi Story
  • Multi Family
  • Motels
  • Medical Buildings
  • Military
  • Fast Food
  • Storage
  • Offices 

Containers are obviously, designed to move. We recycle the dormant containers, outfit them with the comforts of home and ship them to remote locations to accommodate workers, who's jobs necessitate living facilities in these remote work sites.

These containers change the cargo container from environmental annoyance to every day assets. They are strong, adaptable, comfortable and transportable. They can be manufactured quickly with high insulating values to conquer even the most channeling conditions. Whether it be mining, oil field exploration, disaster relief or military housing, call us for fast accommodations.

In an effort to fully utilize the value of your property, the Modular Backyard Home may be the perfect solution for those seeking housing for in-laws, children or income property. If you have the space on your current lot, you may be eligible to build a second home on your property without having to split the lot. Contact us to find out what is permitted in your area.

If you are considering a project and have a design in mind, we invite you to explore the possibilities of Modular Building.

We would be more than happy to review your plans.

  So, Why Modular ?
Modular Commercial Buildings
Luxury Home
Veterinary Clinic
3 Bedroom Home
  Backyard Homes
900 Sq Ft Backyard Home
900 Sq Ft Backyard Home
Multi Family
Assisted Living Center
Veterinary Hospital